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Smart Owls - A Complete Online Teaching Solution

Smart Owls is a one stop institute management technology platform that allows educators to teach students online from their Own Mobile App. With Smart Owls, a coaching institute can manage all its services like sharing study material, conducting live sessions; conducting tests; managing assignments, monitoring due dates; grading results, managing reports, providing students with feedback and keeping parents updated all in one place.

Smart Owls

Attendance Management

Manage attendance online and daily absentees’ status. Generate reports for attendance and keep parents updated.

Smart Owls

Personalized Student Reports

Generate Reports for Attendance, Fees, Tests, Time-table and SMS.

Smart Owls

Fee Records

Automatic reminders and receipts for student's fees and fees installments, view all payment history and fee reports.

Smart Owls

Digital Assignments

Receive and grade assignments and provide feedback, directly from your Smart Owls Account.

Smart Owls

Teach live Online

Engage with your students in real time with live classes.

Smart Owls

Stay organized, wherever you are

Plan, keep records, and manage your institute completely digitally.

Smart Owls

Ensuring Privacy

The content created within the online classes can be viewed by the class members only!

Smart Owls


Total data security for online classes and management using SSL AES 256-bit encryption.

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